St. Louis American Newspaper and Praise Radio: Maranda Witherspoon Richardson named Shero of the Week! 
June 4, 2018

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Issues Magazine - Washington University St. Louis: With, Not For: An Interview with Maranda Witherspoon Richardson



"A lot of times there is a disconnect between community and what it means. You find that people are working for people, and not with people."

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"The first step is that people have to acknowledge that we want to do something about this and it won't be status quo. First people have to own the problem, then work towards fixing it." Maranda Richardson, Principal and Founder of MWR Consulting, is back to talk about board diversity.  

According to Board Source's recent publication, Leading with Intent, while more people are TALKING about board diversity, the number of diverse members of nonprofit boards has actually decreased over the past few years.  Maranda has spent her career advancing equity, particularily in communities of color and shares her strategies to grow the diversity of nonprofit boards and staffs... Click here to listen. 

501 Crossroads Podcast Interview: Growth of Giving Circles with Maranda Richardson

One in eight donors have given a gift through a giving circle and they're on the rise.  

Giving circles are groups where each person in the group puts money in a pot and collectively decide where the money goes.  For years, the image most people had of giving circles was of rich, white women, but that's changing.  According to a study by Connected to Give, nearly half of all giving circles are under 40 and Americans of African, Asian, and Hispanic descent are joining giving circles at twice the rate as non-Jewish whites. 

Maranda Richardson, a founder of the Black Funders of St. Louis (BFSTL), stopped by to talk about what giving circles are, how to start a giving circle, and how nonprofits can find a giving circle that matches their mission and how best to work with them... Click here to listen.