Marnée Morgan

Marnée Morgan is a Consultant with M.W.R., and she earned her Masters of Business Management, with a concentration in Leadership and Business Development from National Louis University of Chicago, Illinois, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Fontbonne University.  Ms. Morgan has a certification in Leadership & Organizational Development (MACA) from the University of Missouri at Columbia.

Ms. Morgan has 10+ years’ experience youth development programs, health and education for non-profit and for-profit business, with expertise in fostering relationships with communities of color, development of community engagement strategies, and development of community-based partnerships.  In a Regional capacity with the Missouri Department of Health, facilitated capacity building, partnerships, and geographic service teams, and engage local and state community leaders, stakeholders, and legislators, along with providing the leadership for achieving the targeted health initiatives.

Mrs. Jackson serves on the following committees: Child Fatality Review Panel, Faith Communities Joined for Health (Chair), Faith Based Emergency Preparedness, Sudden Infant Death (SIDS) Safe Sleep Task Force, Women of Color (WOC) HIV/AIDS Education, Infant Mortality Review Panel, Operation Weather Survival, Eastern District Epidemiology, Department of Health Grant Writing, STARRS (Saint Louis Area Regional Response System), Youth Violence Prevention Program. In her role as the SIDS Resource Center Safe Sleep Task Member, Mrs. Jackson provided data collection and analysis support. She also serves as a Board Member for both the SIDS Resource Center and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation, St. Louis Chapters.  In addition to the aforementioned accomplishments, Mrs. Jackson is a published author and proven researcher.Ms. Morgan has long-term experience in youth development programs, and has served on the St. Louis Public Schools advisory board for the full service schools initiative, along with serving on the advisory team with the Nine Network for the American Graduate program, with an emphasis on the development of prevention strategies to impact the high school dropout rate.  Ms. Morgan has been involved with teaching, and the development of youth-centric enrichment programs involving St. Louis Public Schools, including Siegel Elementary School, Walbridge Elementary, and Carnahan School of the Future.