Sometimes The Gift You Give Yourself Is The Most Important Gift Of All

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Hi all! Maranda here--The holiday season is approaching, and for most of us, that means a lot of cleaning, cooking, and general hurriedness to make everything perfect for the holidays.

While this time is spent with families and friends, people also associate it with--you guessed it--money. The day after we gather to celebrate what we are thankful for, we all collectively rush out in search of the best deals. It’s pretty well known that the holidays now are synonymous with giving and taking; and that we spend almost as much time giving thanks to our shopping bags as we do to our family and friends.

But once the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over, and the tinsel is taken down, and all the presents have been unwrapped, you might be left feeling like you haven’t gained much for you. Self-care is extremely important, but there are all different types of self-care that don’t come in the form of retail therapy.

I urge you to think about investing in something a little more long term this holiday season--yourself.

It is totally great to treat your family or friends to cute gifts, or give that special someone a gift you’ve been saving up for, but think about a way to treat yourself that doesn’t end once the fairy lights are taken down. Wouldn’t investing in yourself and learning about how to actually work towards those resolutions you make for yourself each year be a great gift for yourself?

And one of the best parts of investing in yourself is that you and the ones you love will appreciate the long term impact. Investing and spending time on growth and goals is a gift that keeps on giving. From now until 12/31, I am offering a coaching special of $299 for individuals who book three (3) 45-minute coaching sessions with me on or before 12/31!  Coaching sessions can be scheduled throughout January and February of 2019.

And wishing everyone happy holidays as well--come ring in the New Year with me!

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