Topic: Support Entrepreneurs through Transition “Make the Leap”

Are You or Someone You Know an Entrepreneur in Need of Support and Accountability?



Entrepreneurs/individuals wanting to transition into entrepreneurship


1. When do I make the leap? Am I ready? 
2. What do I not know that may impact my transition? (unknown variables) 
3. Everyone around me is influencing my decision to make the leap.


1. Embrace the mindset of an entrepreneur.
2. Create realistic goals, timelines and deadlines. 
3. Research the landscape/market. 
4. Build core values, purpose, and passion!



Registration includes a total of eight online sessions for the course. All eight sessions will take place online using the Zoom platform.
Sessions are designed to run 90 minutes; from 6:30pm - 8pm CST. 
It is understood that not everyone may be able to stay in class the entire time, and some sessions may convene prior to 90 minutes.

The fee for this online course is $279 per person.  Payment is due in-full in order to reserve a spot in the class.
Seating is limited to 8 persons per class, to ensure students get the most out of their class experience.
Students will have the opportunity to ask questions and be involved in the course.