MWR works to advance racial equity by providing effective ways to build capacity, engaging and mobilizing communities and acting as a conduit between communities and systems. 

Infrastructure Support:      

  • Organizational Planning and Development
    Strategic Planning, Board Development, Governance
  • Project Management
    Short term contract work
  • Facilitation
    Meetings and retreats
  • Program Design
    Best approach for developing successful programs
  • Evaluation
    Program/project analysis for building results
  • Grant Draft Review
    Proposal review prior to submission  
  • Research
    Quantitative and Qualitative

Community and Stakeholder Engagement:  

  • Community Engagement
    Process for involving community members from beginning to end
  • Community Mobilization
    Building capacity to respond with action
  • Project Implementation
    Getting a project started
  • Speaking Commitments  
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Trainings and Curriculum Development

Philanthropic Support:

  • Smart Funds Allocation
    Vetting Ideas from the start to the end of the process
  • Proposal Review
  • Scoping
    Assessing feasibility for implementation