The personalized sessions will focus on coaching to the client’s unique situation, individualized support, goal setting, accountability, and to identify, expose, and confront disempowering beliefs and assumptions.  


Workshops are designed to help participants to deepen self-awareness, values, impact, and potential to unlock, elevate, and embrace their gifts to create their own realities.  

If you are interested in one-on-one or group coaching services, please click here to schedule a complimentary session.


Why I became a Coach.

After providing over a decade years of experience working to transform communities through social services, community health, and philanthropy, I struggled with identifying my gifts. I didn’t know or trust my own capabilities. I thought everyone else had a better pulse to shaping my reality. Their perception of my gifts versus what was buried inside, often did not align. As a passionate person working to transform communities, I struggled with identifying and using my gifts in a way that would help advance the work. It wasn’t until I worked with a coach, that my break-through came and I began to discover gifts buried inside waiting to be unlocked, elevated, and embraced. I soon learned I had all of the answers inside of me to create my own reality. As my confidence and perception changed, I was able to gain clarity and focus. This was life changing for me and why I decided to become a Coach to help others to unlock, elevate, and embrace their gifts to create and live their own reality!